The Ultimate 22-Point Conversion Rate Optimization Checklist

Conversion Rate Optimisation

In business the only number that matters is the bottom line.


In eCommerce however, the most important number is your conversion rate. You see, the higher you can get your conversion rate, the more sales you’ll get with less advertising expenses. This all leads to a better bottom line overall all.


So to help with your conversion rate optimization, here’s my 22 point checklist that will get you started on the right path to maximise your sales.


1.    Headline copy- The headline is the #1 aspect of your website to optimize- If you’re headline doesn’t work, then neither will your website.

2.    Colour schemes- Think about the key emotion your trying to get your customer to experience. If you want them to be relaxed to purchase, then use light greens. If you want them to trust you use Blues, and if you want them to be passionate about what you’re offering, then use reds

3.    Buttons- Test the size, text, colour and position

4.    Photos– Try painting the ‘picture’ of your item in your customers home rather than all stock images

5.    Guarantees- Do you offer guarantees? Test making them stronger. Guarantee your product, their time, and even that by calling they won’t waste their time.

6.    Proof elements- Do you have testimonials or reviews on social media? If so use them. People trust reviews as much as a personal recommendation from a friend so much that a Dutch company grew sales by 36% by integrating Facebook comments onto their pages.

7.    Backgrounds-Do you have a scrolling image in the background? Test a flat colour instead

8.    Pricing- Did you know that by using unusual numbers such as $88.70, you can throw your customers off balance and can lead to increased sales.

9.    Credit Card auto-detection- Primarily if you sell online, set up your checkout so it detects the type of credit card your customer is using.

10. Make guest checkout as primary- Have members and guest checkout? Make things simple and test having just a guest checkout.

11. CTA Button text- Rather than saying “Submit” on your buttons, be creative with things like “I’d like your help!” or “Find out more”

12. Security logos- By adding security logos such as PayPal, SSL Certificates and guarantee logos you can dramatically boost confidence and sales.

13.  Urgency on ecommerce pages- Why do promotional sales work so well? Because the prices are cheap? Or because they are limited time only? Test running ‘limited time’ deals.

14. Limited Stock Available- Show your visitor that you only have 3 or 5 left in a particular colour of size.

15.  Add to cart from category page- Don’t make your customers go to more pages than they need to.

16. Grid vs. list view- eBay recently released Grid view to accompany their traditional List View. If one of the world’s largest retailers is doing it, don’t you think you should give it a shot?

17. Static images vs. a carousel- Try fixed images vs. scrolling images

18. Text size on banners– Test large, dominate text on banners against small text that lets the images stand out

19. Adding additional Contact Forms- Test having contact forms on every page and personalize them to what that page is about. For example rather than the form reading “Contact Us” it might say “To find out more about our gas fitting services, fill out the form below”

20. Provide complete contact information- The Internet is still the Wild West, and consumers are very wary of potential scams. By including your full contact information including email, phone number and address, you’ll prove you’re a real business.

21. Eliminate “Coupon” from order forms- unless you have discount coupons- Customers want the best deal so by seeing the ‘coupon’ field they often leave the checkout looking for a way to get a better deal.

22. Outline benefits of dealing with you– If you sell online, tell your customer the reasons why buying with you is beneficial. If you offer a service, test the same thing.


One thing that is essential is that you have a solid amount of traffic.

For CRO I strongly suggest either Search Engine Optimization or Google Adwords, as they both provide the most stability in teh quality of traffic.

If you try and optimize with large amounts of social traffic you won’t be able to get predictable results as the intent will differ depending on the content of the post etc.

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